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Well-Designed Landscaping Can Increase Property Value

Did you know that your landscaping choices can increase or decrease your property value? The following items can add to your property value:

*An organized, neat garden - when properly designed a garden will flow and look organized rather than cluttered and unkempt. * A well-maintained lawn - irrigation is the beginning to a beautifully green and lush lawn, but regular weeding and maintenance of your lawn and garden are a necessity. During our rainy season some lawns can develop fungus. A professional landscaper can often times diagnose and treat against this.

* Fresh mulch or ground cover in your beds - this is perhaps the biggest ROI when it comes to landscaping. It makes everything look crispy and tidy. * Shrubs and trees - even a 15 gallon tree can add up to 3% to your property value. * Pathways - paver or gravel pathways add a clean, clear walkway. Or simply landscaping the existing walkway to your front door provides curb appeal. * Landscape Lighting - budget-friendly landscape lighting can light your pathways or highlight your garden and trees. * Decks and pergolas - right now it is very trendy to have a pergola, but in south GA it provides much needed shade for our hot summer days. An all-season deck is the perfect addition for entertaining and enjoying your yard. * Colorful accents - either in the flower beds or in containers, eye-catching plants are key to brightening up your outdoor living space. Annuals are less costly, but usually only last one season, sometimes two. Perennials are more costly, but when properly cared for will return year after year, adding beautiful color and depth to your garden areas. * Irrigation System - this is almost a necessity in our hot climate. but a professionally installed irrigation system will keep your turf lush and green all summer long. * Professional landscape design - often times DIY gardeners aren't quite sure of the best placement for plants/flowers, or create gardens that aren't cohesive which can lead to your flower beds looking cluttered and unorganized. A professional will know which plants compliment each other, which plants need sun or shade, which plants are natural enemies, etc. They can design and install a beautiful garden that will not only be enjoyable for you, but can also increase the value of your home.

If you have been on the fence about a landscape renovation or installing an irrigation system, this is a great time to move forward. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you to create a gorgeous, inviting place for you to enjoy or entertain!

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